Tuesday 20 December 2011

Review: Wake Of The Titan

Wake Of The Titan – Skeptic (Independent)
Guitarists Jake Merritt and Blue Phillips first began playing together in 2007 when they paired up to perform “Take Five” in a jazz performance class. Impressed with each other’s ability, they became friends and began playing together regularly, before being joined by drummer, Daniel Burch. After a fruitless search for a compatible bass player, Phillips made the switch to four strings, and they released their debut six-track EP in early 2008. Now, some three and a half years later, their sophomore EP, “Skeptic” has appeared. Its five tracks (clocking in at a shade over 25 minutes) continue their sonic exploration of contemporary progressive styles. Merritt’s a fine guitarist (and singer) layering six stringed loops and is always duly matched by the propulsive qualities of the rhythm section.

The opening track “Drifting” is all about setting a mood, though there are plenty of fireworks in the third quarter. “ONO” rocks quite convincingly, and without sounding overtly similar, it’s memories of The Cult circa “Electric” and “Sonic Temple” that are subconsciously rattled. It’s an outstanding five minutes. Next, on “I Am An Island” they slow things down and it’s effective and moving in the same way Radiohead are. They wind up proceedings with the epic “Tyrant”. At seven minutes, its jack-booted intro soon gives way to forceful bass riff and Merritt’s distorted rasp gives the tale shape.
Rob F.

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