Tuesday 20 December 2011

Review: Jay & Germain - Pinball Summer (OST)

Jay & Germain - Pinball Summer (OST) (Chapeau)
“Pinball Summer” (aka “Pick-Up Summer”) was a 1980 coming-of-age teen flick which centred around a couple of buddies, Greg and Steve, spending their summer vacation getting into various scrapes, and chasing two sisters, the delectable Donna and Suzy. As you can imagine, it’s aimed squarely at a certain audience who enjoy those sorts of hi-jinx, and the movie probably does everything necessary to deserve its decidedly average 4.1 rating on IMDb.

Fortunately, I’m not here to review the film. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Jay Boivin and Germain Gauthier’s soundtrack is a far more attractive proposition. Taking their inspiration from ‘60s surf music (in particular Brian Wilson’s Beach Boys), pre-Beatles rock ‘n’ roll, Pete Townsend’s chord progressions and Steely Dan’s way with an arrangement, its eight tracks provide lush harmonies, killer tunes and plentiful sweet hooks.

Needless to say, it’s many delights will only appeal to a limited audience, but if like me you miss proper hand-crafted pop music, I can only advise immediate satisfaction. There’s absolutely nothing here that could be described as filler, and if it has one fault, it’s over a little too quickly. Never mind, I can always start again.
Rob F.

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