Friday 30 December 2011

The Archers: 29/12/2011


Neil loses his patience and Will shows some last-minute nerves.

Neil wonders if Tracy is moving out now that Christmas is over. But Susan enjoyed having the children and is in no hurry. Nic has practised her wedding hair and make-up. Jake and Mia are to walk her down the aisle and George is the ring bearer. Meanwhile, Will’s getting nervous.

At Ambridge View, Brad and Chelsea are chasing piglets all over the garden,having let them out. Neil firmly takes control to restore order. An hour later, he is still angry at Tracy’s lack of respect for his livelihood. Susan deters him from telling Tracy she has to go. She’ll talk to her father.

Will checks all the wedding details with Roy – again.He panics when he hears that a chandelier needs to be mended. Roy tells him everyone wants the wedding to be perfect, so all will be well. He still checks the details himself but acknowledges he is being a bit of a pain as he wants everything perfect for Nic.Nic reassures Will that all she needs is for him to be there, then it will be perfect.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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