Saturday 31 December 2011

The Archers: 30/12/2011


There's a wedding worry for Caroline. Meanwhile Ruth and David call a family conference.

At Brookfield, heavy rain has threatened to cause slurry pollution from the damaged lagoon. They all want to know what the options are for the future. They’re unlikely to get a direct supermarket contract, and a milk round is not an option.

It’s Pip who says they could drop the dairy to concentrate on sheep and beef. Ruth and Josh don’t want that option but Pip knows a farm where there were benefits to compensate for the loss of the milk cheque. David and Ruth are proud of Pip and Josh’s thoughtfulness.

Joe eventually delivers the cake safely to Grey Gables. He nearly causes an accident on the ladder in his desire to check the repaired chandelier with his own eyes. Caroline assures him the day will be perfect.

Ian and Caroline admire Clarrie’s cake. Ian is looking forward to catering the wedding breakfast. It will be a change. Caroline slips on a wet floor and lands on one tier of the cake. Ian says he’ll make a new top tier of sponge and thinks he can distract Will and Nic when they cut it. Whether they want to save a layer as a christening cake is a question to save until later. It’s going to be a long night for Ian.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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