Monday 26 November 2012

The Post-Consumer label announces digital Name-Your-Price December!

The Post-Consumer label announces digital Name-Your-Price December!

We've made all of our catalog available as download on Bandcamp. For the month of December friends, family and fans will be able to determine how much the music is worth to their lives. By visiting any of the bands' pages below listeners can name their own price for download. There is no minimum which means that there is no reason to delay enjoyment of the Artists on Post-Consumer. 

Here are the links to the releases that are currently available. 

Don't forget that the new LP by Death Songs at, titled Sung Inside a House. The CD is scheduled for release on 1/15, is available for pre-order now. All pre-orders come with access to the full album stream and a digital download weeks before the release date! Check out the great cover artwork from Wyatt Grant (above). 

Thinking of buying something on Amazon? Use the link below to give Leicester Bangs a divvy of the filthy lucre.

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