Wednesday 21 November 2012

Review: Johnno Casson – Window Shopping

Johnno Casson – Window Shopping (Folkwit Records)
Also known as Snippet, Johnno Casson’s USP is his mix of eclectic folk wonkiness, intelligent pop and utterly English observational lyrics. He tells endearing tales of the everyday and includes common references, buzzwords and brands (Gaviscon doesn’t feature in too many songs…). Casson sticks with the songwriting guideline of writing about what you know and as a result paints a work-a-day, commonplace picture to which many will be familiar, and if you hadn’t quite gathered the geographical location by the end it is made obvious with “This Is Essex.”

“Battle Scars” summery swathes, with its shoe-boxed vocal, shares an affinity with the ‘70s clavinet compositions of the Beach Boys, as wells as in its harmony and warm family subject matter. Harps stimulate the humanist leanings of both “Everybody’s Got Sides” and “Window Shopping”, and favour the people-centric experience to staying home with the internet. The e-bowed and brightly orchestral feel of “Out of Credit” elevates with the same kind of grandiose chamber pop that The Silent League created on “The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused”

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