Tuesday 13 November 2012

Review: Ty Segall – Twins

Ty Segall – Twins (Drag City)
Following a singles compilation, a (rather marvelous) collaboration with White Fence and a Ty Segall Band LP, “Twins” is Ty Segall’s fourth album of 2012, and his fifth solo album since 2008.

Segall’s specialism is his ability to fuse fuzzy garage, thrash, hardcore, noise with tripped-out psychedelic expression and to punch the tunes out with the rock ’n’ roll urgency of The Stooges or MC5. Although influences are easily seen his highly energetic, occasionally brutishly powerful, but massively melodic songs, never sound too derivative. 

Highlights: “Thank God For Sinners” features some backwards tracking, a hint of Sergeant Pepper and a solid bass groove, “Love Fuzz” chugs along with a stilted riff that calls to mind heavyweights like Led Zeppelin, The Kinks or Cream but dirtier and “There is No Tomorrow” has a definite end of the ‘60s – the dream is over – feel to it.

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