Friday 9 November 2012

Review: Laurie Levine – Six Winters: Deluxe Edition

Laurie Levine – Six Winters: Deluxe Edition (ADA Global)
South African singer-songwriter Laurie Levine is over in the UK later in the month so we thought it sensible to review her new collection “Six Winters”. In short, we like what we hear. Her voice seems to be getting more lived in and easy with each record, and though she calls Johannesburg home, many of her influences and much of her own sound comes from Americana and old mountain country tunes.

“Six Winters” is a dark, serious album – complex and evocative. She begins with “Oh Brother” and it’s desperate and desolate, but not completely hopeless. She’s down but not yet out. Things perk up on the title track; it’s relatively upbeat constitution isn’t altogether convincing when the words are taken into consideration, but its overall demeanor will please fans of Gillian Welch and Iris DeMent. Her take on Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” is slowed down and intensified, and is a joy to behold, and “Heaven’s Door” is just lovely. Just so you know, there are three bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition.

Check out her website for upcoming UK dates (link below).
Tony S.

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