Saturday 28 January 2012

Review: Rebecca Pronsky

Rebecca Pronsky – Viewfinder (Nine Mile Records)
It helps to gain that lonesome, winsome and downright handsome voice if the context for recording fits snug. Rebecca Pronsky hightailed from her Brooklyn home to the wilds of woodland Maine to create this atmospheric and haunting collection. Rebecca’s superb jazz–trained voice combines eloquently with the country twang and sweeping landscapes of songs, which, in their detail of relationships and breakdown, of anger, regret and love, call to mind Carolyn Mark and Neko Case.

‘Give Up too Easily’ has a ‘60s bounce and sway, with Rich Bennet’s Smiths-style guitar licks. Beautiful. And ‘Aberdeen’ had me pondering an imminent trip to the North of Scotland… or Washington State, just to pay homage to the song. Rebecca Pronsky tours extensively, and has just wowed audiences on her UK shows. Can I ask that she make it back to the UK soon, please...
Carl J.

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