Monday 30 January 2012


This weekend, veteran record business exec, industry conference regular, and champion rock n roll storyteller Seymour Stein was presented the Billboard Icon Award, a new prize to recognise lifetime achievements in the music industry. That the Sire Records co-founder deserves the prize is sort of a given, surely, but if you need convincing Billboard has posted a review of his career and a video of top names bigging Stein up at this URL:

Commenting on the award at the breakfast bash where it was presented, Billboard's Editorial Director Bill Werde noted the impact one of Sire's most famous signings, The Ramones, had on him personally when growing up. Said Werde: "The Ramones are really the band that changed my life. That was my gateway drug... That was the band that took me on my path and got me into cool music and got me into all these things. To some extent, you can blame Seymour for my being here at all. And Seymour, I personally thank you very much for that".


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