Monday 23 January 2012

The Archers: 22/1/2012


There's no stopping Tracy. Meanwhile the work mounts up for Tony.

Pat seems a bit pre-occupied to Helen. Pat assures her she’s fine about doing the speech at the launch – she’s thinking about the HEFF inspection on Thursday. They’ve picked a week when Tony’s got to do all the milking.

Tom appreciates Tony’s help with moving the pig arks, especially as Tony’s clearly not happy that Tom’s going to Shrewsbury for three days. Tom offers to do all he can before he goes and as soon as he’s back. Tony accepts his offer, but it’s short-lived. Kenton’s expecting a good start to Farmhouse Breakfast week tomorrow, and needs more sausages and bacon. Tom will have to go round today, which means he won’t be able to do afternoon milking.

Neil and Susan find Tracy clearing out the house and filling Neil’s skip. Tracy insists the stuff has got to be cleared out if they want her to move in.

Susan can’t let go of her old dolls’ house. It’s a family heirloom, so she intends to do it up and pass it on to Kiera. Neil thinks it could be quite a job but Susan points out that if he and Tracy can renovate 6 The Green, she’s sure she can decorate a dolls’ house.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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