Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Archers: 30/1/2012


Brian does a spot of networking and Joe launches a new enterprise.

Brian’s pleased with the promotional leaflet for the dairy, which will start to be mailed out today.

Mike and Jim are pleased with the turnout for the opening of the green burial ground, until Joe turns up with Bartleby, intending to give out leaflets for a ‘bespoke transportation service for a loved one’. Jim’s annoyed to learn that official gravedigger Eddie is also involved. Jim sends Joe home. Jennifer takes photos for the website. Brian chats to journalists from the Borchester Echo and Radio Borchester and is confident he’s got his side of things across.

Upstairs at The Bull afterwards, Mike tells Jim he’s unhappy with his record of hours worked at the orchard. Jim insists it’s the best he can do. Joe turns up and accepts a drink from Brian but states that he can’t be bought. Brian wouldn’t insult him – he’s sure Joe will make an informed decision about the dairy based on the evidence. Jim thought he made things clear to Joe earlier but Joe insists he said nothing about leafleting at The Bull.

It looks to Kenton as if the day’s been a roaring success. As one of the undertakers said to him, all that’s needed now is a body.

Listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01b9hjl

Episode written by Joanna Toye

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