Thursday 26 January 2012

The Archers: 25/1/2012


Brian tries to win friends and Jim is typically outspoken.

Jolene remains tight-lipped about what’s been said about Brian in The Bull. And when Jim’s equally surprised to see him, Brian decides to show his face at the NFU meeting upstairs. Jim pulls no punches in telling him he’s against the dairy.

Jim’s worried that a promise of four hours of gardening is too general. Jolene assures him Harry will attract a lot of bidders at the auction but it’s not his gardening skills they’re after. Jim also needs to find out how many hours the Cider Club members have actually put in.

When Brian appears, David suggests any conversation about the dairy project should wait till after the meeting. Ed reckons Mike might be surprised by what Oliver says. Oliver puts across his case. Mike’s still not convinced but the meeting ends with a vote to start a badger vaccination programme.

Mike tells Brian he’s basically in favour of the dairy but Brian’s attempt to buy everyone a drink fails – he ends up on his own. At least he can tell Jenny he tried. And he tells Jolene he can look forward to the Echo coming out tomorrow. As far as he knows there’s nothing in it about the dairy.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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