Saturday 28 January 2012

Review: Buildings

Buildings - Melt Cry Sleep (Double+Good Records)
‘Melt Cry Sleep’ indeed. I know a noise when I hear it, and this is a noise. But here’s a pertinent question – do I know a good musical noise from a bad musical noise? As ever, it all comes down to personal preferences and for me this is musical noise that I can like and appreciate – but you’ve got to give it a chance. I did the same with Barkmarket years ago, and Aminiature, and never regretted it. I don't regret listening to this, either, but you might, as I did, need to pick your time and place.

Buildings make aggressive music, hardcore to the hub, but with a flowing motion that provides a superlative drive, propelling the sound of music forward, on every track. Of course, we’re not talking about Julie Andrews here, and this is as far from the ‘Sound Of Music’ as an investment banker is from philanthropy. Their song titles, from "Born On A Bomb" to "I Don't Love My Dog Anymore" spell it out for you. It’s a coruscating noise that Buildings make, and it hurls around the brain until you’re ready to digest, or perhaps, reject, it. Sure, there’s always an element of near thrash, but it all adds up to a truly invigorating experience. Just pick the moment when you feel the need to be engulfed in sound. You might emerge with a pink tinge, but you’ll come to no serious harm.
Kev A.

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