Friday 27 January 2012

The Archers: 26/1/2012


Pat waits on tenterhooks. Meanwhile the divisions widen at Home Farm.

Brian’s astounded. The Borchester Echo is quoting Adam and an extended family member who’s said they’re all against the dairy. Adam is equally surprised. He admits speaking to the Echo, but he only confirmed what they already knew. Brian’s convinced Pat’s responsible and wishes Adam had kept his stupid comments to himself. Adam insists they’re not stupid. He never meant this to happen, and he’s sorry, but he’s not the only one against. Brian can deal with outside opposition but being stabbed in the back by a family member is something else.

Unhappy Tony has to take more supplies to Jaxx. Helen knows it’s been hard, with Tom away.

Pat finds the HEFF inspection nerve-wracking but they get a five star rating. After a tough week, she hopes this will put a spring in Tony’s step.

Tom’s back, and it’s all systems go with the ready meals. Tom’s seen the article in the Echo. Tony admits that he spoke to them, so they’re the extended family it refers to.

Brian doesn’t know how he can go on working with Adam. Jennifer appreciates it’s a difficult situation. Brian can’t cope with her defending Adam at the moment and doesn’t want to talk about it.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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