Tuesday 24 January 2012

The Archers: 23/1/2012


Brian walks into a heated debate and Adam is feeling isolated.

Pat pulls no punches as she tells Brian how she feels about the mega-dairy. She’s insulted when Brian insists there’ll be room for her kind of niche farming. Their discussion gets heated.

Brian’s pleased to see Borchester Land’s new website finally up and running. Jennifer agrees it looks good but isn’t happy to learn about Brian’s spat with Pat. They’d agreed to try and build bridges. Brian insists he tried – to no avail.

Adam tells David that things are still not good with Brian, especially after Adam’s opinion was aired on Radio Borsetshire.

David praises Pip for her presentation to the Hassett Hills meeting. She’s got an idea for Brookfield too. Tom’s products are on the up and he’s good with marketing, so she thinks they should team up and do lamb burgers and sausages. She’s sure Brookfield can come back just as strongly.

David thinks her ideas are great but they haven’t got the money to develop a new product at the moment. Pip knows this, but they’d make the money back, and a profit. Whereas they’re never going to recoup any money they spend on the slurry tank. £22,000 to stay in the same place. It doesn't make sense.

Listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b019rlnn

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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