Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Archers: 24/1/2012


Neil lends a helping hand, while Susan inadvertently causes offence.

Clarrie enjoys looking after Keira but tells Susan that she needs a job before her jobseekers’ allowance stops in March.

Jim asks Susan if Neil could offer something for the promises auction. Susan points out how busy he is. Jim persuades Clarrie to offer gardening advice. Jim also needs to sort the share out of cider to club members. Susan reminds him not to forget his own contribution.

Tracy’s called Neil round to sort out her painting. She’s painting light over dark. Neil reckons he’s got some white emulsion which will solve the problem. Tracy persuades him to fetch it, so she can get on while she’s got the chance, but then persuades him to start it for her.

Jennifer finds the village shop a godsend for last minute essentials but is uncomfortable when Susan brings up Adam’s rant on Radio Borsetshire, and the tricky situation with Adam and Brian. Jennifer points out that the dairy is a Borchester Land, not Home Farm, project. She’s dismayed that Susan thinks so many people are against it, and that Brian’s avoiding The Bull.

Neil thinks Susan’s touched a nerve. David’s having his NFU meeting about the badger vaccination at the Bull tomorrow evening, so they shall see if Brian will go to that.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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