Saturday 28 January 2012

The Archers: 27/1/2012


Adam tries to set the record straight, and Joe offers his help.

Joe wants to plant Borsetshire Beauty saplings but Jim’s been researching local single variety ciders and reckons there are different apples they could use in the orchard. Joe’s happy to try out the different ciders. He’s also happy to sort out Jim’s records of the hours people have put in. Jim thinks it’s an impossible task but Joe insists he can manage. Jim doesn’t think it’s right to involve Joe but admits he needs help from someone impartial.

Adam doesn’t see how he and Brian can continue to work together. Jennifer understands Adam didn’t mean things to go this far and agrees with Ian that Debbie might be able to see a way through.

Debbie’s really annoyed that Adam spoke to the Echo, but he protests that he thought they would explain it wasn’t a family feud. Eventually Debbie sees that Adam’s in an impossible position. She still thinks he was an idiot and is angry on the business side of things but he’s her brother. They’ve been through worse, and she expects they’ll survive. This means so much to Adam. He thought it had soured everything between them, like it has with him and Brian. He doesn’t think Brian will ever forgive him.


Episode written by Mary Cutler

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