Saturday 21 April 2012

The Archers: 20/04/2012

Brian is impatient and Usha is impressed.

Alan and Usha ask about the famous Carl, but Amy's evasive and says introducing him is a big step. Usha advises Alan to ease off and stay patient.

Later, Amy and Carl enjoy a chat over lunch at Jaxx about the joys of village life. To Amy's horror, Usha walks in. Carl insists she joins them, and is polite and chatty. Usha reports back that Carl's a perfect gentleman, who seems just as smitten with Amy as she is with him. So Alan concedes that he's very happy for Amy.

Jennifer tells Brian that Alice's dissertation research will prevent her and Chris coming for lunch on Sunday. They're interrupted by a call from the consultant Bryn. The Environment Agency is asking for information which frustrated Brian asserts he's already given.

Jennifer recounts Robert's experience with Leonie and the van. According to Lilian, he ended up as referee as Leonie was laying claim to everything she and James had bought for James's flat. But Brian is distracted. He's waiting anxiously for an email regarding the outcome of the planning application. He can't understand what's taking the EA so long. If he can't go to the next board meeting with the permission in place, he'll just have to resign as chairman.


Episode written by Caroline Harrington