Friday 13 April 2012

The Archers: 12/4/2012


Mike is determined to receive his dues and Pip has cow concerns.

The calves are scouring and Pip's worried it might be BVD. David isn't overly concerned. Alistair confirms his suspicion that it might just be because they've been turned out on grass for the first time. He's told them to keep an eye on the calves but not to worry.

Jim energetically criticises Brian over the mega dairy. Vicky observes that now his Lent challenge is over Jim is reverting to type.

Having got directions to the cricket pitch from smitten Vicky and intrigued Bert, Ifty's impressed with the facilities. Regarding the girls' training, he tells Alistair that for the teenagers the playing skills element will need to be separate from the boys, though fitness and agility can be done together. Alistair's grateful to Ifty for taking on the youth coaching, as he just can't spare any more time.

Jim doles out the measures at the cider club, and there's controversy over the size of Mike's 'Borsetshire' flagon. Mike's never trusted Jim's calculations of the Grundy's share and wants as big an allowance as he can get. But once the cider starts flowing everyone's much happier. They drink a toast to Tony and his speedy and complete recovery.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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