Monday 23 April 2012

The Archers: 22/04/2012


Brian refuses to listen. Meanwhile cricket practice proves to be surprisingly popular.

Ian's keen to meet Ifty and teases Adam over his interest in the handsome new youth cricket coach.

Adam observes that Jennifer's walking on eggshells with grumpy Brian as he awaits the mega-dairy decision.

Later Brian takes a tumble whilst dealing with a frisky lamb. Adam thinks Brian's wound needs looking at, but Brian insists it's only a scratch. Adam tells Ian that he blames himself. The accident happened when he raised the dairy issue. Ian observes that Adam and Brian are very fond of each other despite everything.

Ian and Alistair note the number of girls at cricket training – and not just on the pitch. Alistair suspects a lot are there to eye up Ifty.

Alistair reports that Ifty might be able to get a grant for some equipment. Not just a pretty face then, observes Ian. Far from it, agrees Alistair, and takes Ian off to introduce him.

Alan's excited but nervous about meeting Carl tomorrow. He doesn't want to let Amy down. Usha assures him Carl's charming; it'll be fine.

Alan thinks he might run the vacuum round tomorrow. Laughing Usha advises him instead to sit peacefully on the green and listen to the bell ringers. She'll do the vacuuming.


Episode written by Mary Cutler.

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