Tuesday 24 April 2012

The Archers: 23/04/2012


Alan is late for an important meeting and Tom takes a well-earned breather.

Alan and Jill are enjoying the church bells. Jill talks about Elizabeth's French-themed birthday tea courtesy of Lily. Jill was a bit down this morning; it would have been Phil's birthday today. But Lily ringing at St Stephen's seems very appropriate. They chat about the promises auction and chuckle over Sabrina Thwaite's bid for Harry. Jill says if she'd been younger she'd have bid for him herself.

Tom's pleased with himself. The supplier has promised to fast track the delayed polytunnel delivery, Underwoods have increased their sausage order, and he's got a discount on the farm's feed supply. On top of that, his quad bike's been found. He's not making much headway with the ready meals, but Brenda suggests putting them on hold until he's got time to do them properly.

Alan arrives home late to find Amy, Carl and Usha making polite conversation. Amy's less than impressed with her dad, but Carl's understanding. He says his grandmother's really impressed he's going out with a pastor's daughter. When Amy and Carol have gone, Alan comments that Mabel will be pleased Amy's going out with someone of Jamaican heritage. When Usha suggests Mabel will be buying a hat, Alan laughs that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves.

Episode written by Mary Cutler.

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