Thursday 19 April 2012

The Archers: 18/4/2012


Lynda works out who is to blame and Elona forges a friendship.

Lynda and Lilian have a bit of a spat over their respective offspring splitting up, each blaming the other side for the problems. They agree to part before one of them says something they'll regret. Later Lilian confides in Peggy, who also speaks to Elona. Elona says she's happy in the village and making friends.

Lynda's keen to speak with Pat, to make sure they're prepared for all contingencies should the planning application for the mega dairy be granted. But Pat's not around. Peggy is amused by Tom's account of Lynda's visit. Peggy's concerned about Tony. Tom assures her that Tony's doing the occasional afternoon milking, with Pip doing two mornings. Tom is busy but managing.

Lilian's worried that the Hillside tenants left in a hurry. Brenda says she'll pop to the flat later and have a look at it.

She reports back that the soundproofing's good so noise from Jazzer upstairs wasn't the problem. But Jazzer says the tenants weren't very friendly, and they've left the flat in a bit of a state. It's a day's work, so Brenda suggests that Darrell does it. Later she mentions this to grateful Elona.

Tom tells Brenda about James and Leonie. He says it's sad, because they really deserved each other!


Episode written by Caroline Harrington

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