Thursday 26 April 2012

The Archers: 25/04/2012


Usha makes an unfortunate discovery. Meanwhile Chris is kicking himself.

Ebullient Jennifer rings Alice to tell her the dairy plans have got the go-ahead, but Alice is downbeat; Chris's van's been broken into. They only took a few tools, but Chris is having to rearrange work while the van's fixed. And he's worried the insurance won't pay out. Jennifer wants to help, but Alice wishes she wouldn't fuss.

The good news is that Alice has passed her exams. Just as she and Chris are about to celebrate, Jennifer turns up with a bottle of wine. They have a drink and speculate on Alice's job prospects. At last Alice encourages her mother to leave, and she and Chris pick up where they left off.

With Alan on retreat, Usha attends a Chamber of Commerce event alone. She bumps into Carl, and after some surprise and a polite chat they go their separate ways. Admiring a beautiful, elegant woman across the room, Usha asks Annabelle about the man standing next to her. Annabelle explains that the woman is a hot shot lawyer, and the gorgeous man is her husband - Carl. Annabelle laments that some people have it all; doesn't it make you sick? Usha agrees that yes, indeed it does.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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