Saturday 14 April 2012

The Archers: 13/4/2012


There's a stroke of bad luck for Tom. Meanwhile David tries to be even-handed.

Ruth and David are pleased by Pip's enthusiasm for the farm; it's great to have her input.

Diplomatic David thinks Brian's promotional DVD is very slick, but he can't promise it'll change Ruth's mind.

Pat tells Ruth about Ed turning down the newspaper article, and asks her if she'll be at the planning meeting on Tuesday. Indignant Ruth says she will; there are still plenty of people Borchester Land can't intimidate. And when she sees Brian she cites the DVD as another example of Borchester Land using their financial muscle to get their own way. The dairy idea is just plain wrong.

Tony reports a robbery to David and Brian. Their quad bike's been stolen. David promises to pass the message on through the NFU and the local farm watch. Brian and David resolve to check their own property's security. Pat comments to Ruth that they've been through worse this year. The only damage was to the shed lock - and Tony was relieved the MG was still there!

Tom's grateful to Tony for handling the police and insurance company. Finding a replacement quad will take time. Pat laments that just when they start getting back on their feet, this comes along.


Episode written by Keri Davies.

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