Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Archers: 24/04/2012


Tony grapples with technology and David turns detective.

Tom's buzzing from yesterday's business success. He'd like to continue with the ready meals while he's got the momentum. But he has a rethink when he discovers his dad's still using the old methods on the computer. He tells David that having to re-do Tony's work is frustrating.

Peggy doesn't want Tony to take on too much, but she doesn't want to see Tom bogged down with routine tasks. She thinks it would be a much better use of his time if he took over more of the strategic planning for the farm. Ideas like the ready meals are vital to Bridge Farm's future. She's concerned that whilst Pat understands this, Tony sees them as some kind of add-on.

David's had a call about a suspicious car parked near Home Farm, and wants to take a look. He calls Tom, who gives him the news his quad bike's been found. With no sign of anything suspicious at Home Farm, David heads back to Brookfield. Ruth's sceptical about all this extra caution, but David thinks it might well be what's put the thieves off. Ruth concedes prevention's better than cure, while David admits they do need to keep it in proportion.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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