Monday 30 April 2012

The Archers: 29/04/2012


Carl pays a surprise visit. Meanwhile Alice is keen to help.

Alan senses that Usha is preoccupied, and assumes it's something at work. Before Usha can say anything, Amy bounces in to tell them Carl will be round later.

Carl arrives with gifts for Usha and Alan. He's remembered that Alan likes Rioja. Usha comments that a good memory must be very useful – in his work. Carl freely talks about seeing Usha last week.

Alan invites Carl round for a meal but Carl can't make it this week as he's away on business. Alan really likes Carl.

Usha rings Ruth to see if she's free for lunch tomorrow.

There's no change with Adam. Alice plays a CD, in the hope that he can hear it. Jennifer just wishes Debbie could be there.

When Ian arrives, Peggy and Lilian are chatting to Adam about Darrel and Elona. Ian thinks it's good for Adam to hear something new. He agrees with Alice that everyone's got their own special relationship with Adam.

Ian and Jennifer tell Adam how much they love him and how everyone needs him back.

Episode written by Mary Cutler

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