Wednesday 25 April 2012

Review: Loop 2.4.3

Loop 2.4.3 – American Dreamland (Music Starts from Silence)
Loop 2.4.3 is the duo of Thomas Kozumplik and Lorne Watson and for this, their third LP, they’re augmented by a number of guest vocalists and musicians. Between carefully sequenced sections of sampled and edited dialogue “American Dreamland” cross-pollinates cultures and genres and manages to amalgamate percussion led compositions with the uplifting spirit of carnival, avant-rock, drone/noise and choral tendencies.

A short snippet of Celtic inspiration can be heard on “American Elder” (though played on Native American flute) whilst “Alchemy II: Dreamland” switches easily between ghost town abandonment and African inspired rhythms, and back again. Their use of steel drums cannot help but give a few tracks a Caribbean air (“As a Child…”, “Tulips”) but pitted against marimba or circus pipe organ, it makes for an interesting experience.

Loop 2.4.3: American Dreamland

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