Tuesday 17 April 2012

The Archers: 16/4/2012


Usha is keen to engineer a meeting. Brian is feeling edgy.

Back from Marrakech, Alan and Usha speculate about Amy's new man Carl, with Usha teasingly reassuring a worried Alan. At breakfast, Amy tells them her weekend away with Carl was wonderful. Usha and Alan are keen to meet Carl. So is Alice, whom Amy calls on to distract her from research work. Alan wonders why Amy's being so secretive.

Jennifer's peaceful swim is interrupted by an update from Lynda on the Leonie and James situation. Jennifer says that whilst she's not defending her nephew, she suspects Leonie's rather temperamental. It seems that their book has been abandoned. Jennifer wryly observes that every cloud has a silver lining.

Adam's going to steer clear of the district council planning meeting, as the committee remains undecided about the mega dairy. The opposers could have a good speaker in the form of the rather 'alternative' Hattie Marshall. Meanwhile, veteran councillor Esther Sutton has come out in favour of the dairy. Jenny wonders if the DVD persuaded her.

Brian learns from Bryn that the Environment Agency still hasn't submitted its report and assessment of the pollution risks. Brian thinks they're deliberately dragging their feet. But the planning committee could still turn it down. Brian's confident, but still not a hundred per cent sure.


Episode written by Caroline Harrington

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