Thursday 22 March 2012

Review: Ron Sayer Jr.

Ron Sayer Jr - Better Side (Independent)
Currently wielding the bass for Oli Brown on his UK tour, Better Side finds Ron Sayer Jr on more familiar territory as guitarist / vocalist fronting his own five piece band.

Like many of the current crop of young bluesmen his repertoire is wide, drawing inspiration from old masters (BB King, Rory Gallagher) and young pretenders (Greg Koch, Tommy Emmanual, John Mayer) alike. For the most part his material veers towards the mellow side, self-consciously deploying laid back funk and jazz grooves on the likes of ‘I Ain’t Leaving’, ‘Manana’, and ‘You Can Cry’. When he ups the tempo on ‘Right All the Time’, ‘Piece of Me’ and ‘Your Pleasure My Pain’, it’s still a measured and polite affair, and although the songs are sound and the playing tight there’s never the slightest hint that the band might cut lose.

The recent resurgence of full-on blues rockers has met with a big thumbs up from many who thought a ‘70s revival was long overdue, but this will find favour from a more middle-of-the-road audience.
Neil B.

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