Thursday 22 March 2012

The Archers: 21/3/2012


Helen has an emotional encounter and Vicky discovers that revenge is sweet.

Vicky tells Eddie to make a good job of fitting her expensive water feature. Eddie insists it wasn’t a scam. It was clear that only the fitting was free, and that shouldn’t take long. But Vicky gets her own back by deciding to site the feature a long way from the house. It’s going to take Eddie hours just to dig the trench. When he’s finally done, Vicky admits it looks gorgeous.

Helen meets Sharon. She explains what the family have been through. Sharon agrees it’s been awful but points out that it’s nothing to do with her. Helen tries to make her realise how important Rich is but Sharon insists she can’t help how they feel. Rich doesn’t need his life turned upside down and she can’t help it if Tony dies without ever seeing him again. Helen tries one last shot, and asks Sharon to do it for John. At this, Sharon becomes emotional and tells Helen to leave.

Back home, Helen breaks down as she tells Tom it was a disaster. She’s blown the one chance they had. She’s let Tony and Pat down. Tom tries to console her. They didn’t know about Helen’s attempt, so they’re none the wiser. Tom’s really proud of her. She couldn’t have done any more.


Episode written by Carole Simpson Solazzo

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