Wednesday 28 March 2012

The Archers: 27/3/2012


David and Ruth forge ahead. Brian tries to change hearts and minds.

The quote for a new slurry system came in at £40k – almost double the original estimate. But Ruth thinks the financial deal makes it just about manageable. David wants to look at getting planning permission sorted before he even thinks about making a decision. After talking to the Environment Agency and the planning department, he agrees with Ruth. They should go for it.

Darrell does a good job of replacing Peggy’s bathroom taps, and won’t accept any money. He’s glad to be able to do Peggy a favour. He invites her to 3, The Green, to see what they’ve made of it.
Brian fails to persuade MartynGibson to meet for lunch. Martyn doesn’t see the point, but agrees to a quick drink. Brian insists they can change people’s perception of the dairy but Martyn still thinks they should consider withdrawing. He wouldn’t like to see Brian step down as chair though, and admits he’s genuinely undecided.

Martyn will listen carefully to both sides on Thursday,and then make up his mind. Brian hopes he realises that with so much at stake Martyn’s decision may be absolutely crucial.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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