Friday 30 March 2012

The Archers: 29/3/2012


Brian has a battle on his hands.

Lynda’s anxious that Ambridge Hall be at its best for when it’s photographed from the helicopter. While Robert’s clearing the gutters, Lynda takes a call from Jamie, who thinks the peregrine at the church has laid eggs.

Lynda rushes over, and is pleased to see two eggs. Jamie tells Lynda that Alistair has fixed up a separate training night for the younger cricket players. It’s with a coach from Westbury, called Iftikar.

The Borchester Land board hotly debate both sides of the dairy argument. Gerry’s concerned that all the negative publicity could turn people against all future developments. Martyn suggests a compromise by scaling things down but Brian insists it’s the full size dairy or nothing. It’s still the same, good proposition. If the planning committee turns it down, they’ll concede defeat gracefully. If it’s passed, the protestors will move onto something else, and BL will reap the benefit. By giving up now they lose profit and reputation, for nothing.

Brian gets his way. The plans will go to the council. Annabelle felt Brian was very persuasive but Brian wonders at what cost. He’s so closely identified with the dairy now. If anything goes wrong, his neck is right on the chopping block.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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