Thursday 22 March 2012

Review: The Future Strikes

The Future Strikes - S/T (Independent)
A trio of musicians from Covington, KY, The Future Strikes play a form of indie-power-pop with plenty of melodic emphasis and a distinct style of their own. Their debut EP might only consist of four tracks, but it’s chock full of tunes that might have been written at any time between 1979 and yesterday evening, and needless to say, as with all the best EPs, it’s a filler-free listening experience.

For those of you who live life at such a breakneck speed that four whole tracks by a new band is just too much to comprehend, I can especially recommend the following two tunes for your iPod playlist: “Back Scratch” contains plenty of jagged pop barbs, and enough subconscious sing-a-long potential to embarrass the coolest of the cool kids, and “Oh You” involves a guitar line so timeless it would have sounded equally comfortable on both “Pillows & Prayers” and the latest Vampire Weekend record. I heard it for the first time and had to go for a lie down.
Simon M.

The Future Strikes: The Future Strikes

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