Saturday 31 March 2012

The Archers: 30/3/2012


Clarrie is curious. Meanwhile how will the family react to Tony's news?

Jennifer and Lilian wonder if they’ve been called to Bridge Farm to receive bad news about Tony. Peggy’s anxious too.

Pat sees them arrive, and leaves Clarrie to do the final clean round the dairy while she waits for Eddie.
Tony welcomes the family. They’re relieved when he reassures them this is not about his health. When Pat comes in, they waste no time in announcing that they recently found at that John had a son. Lilian and Jennifer are thrilled. Peggy holds back on her feelings. On the way back home, she points out that Rich has a very full life in Leeds, and perhaps that’s just as it should be.

Pat and Tony take an evening walk to see the cows out on grass for the first night this year. They agree that seeing Rich has given them both such a lift. It’s been a good week. The bank has extended their interest-only payments on the mortgage, and Tom’s delighted it will lend the money for the new polytunnel.

Pat and Tony are pleased that Tom and Helen are both so committed. Tony’s buzzing. At moments like this, it’s simply wonderful to be alive.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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