Monday 26 March 2012

The Archers: 25/3/2012


Everyone is on edge at Bridge Farm but will the special day go as planned?

Jill’s grateful for Josh’s help as they make the first proper inspection of the bee-hives. Josh is growing out of Ruth’s beekeeping suit. Jill reckons he’ll need his own soon.

On their way to Bridge Farm, Eamon tells Rich that it’s not too late to change his mind. Rich assures his dad it’s ok. He wants to meet his grandparents.

Helen greets Eamon and Rich and takes them into the kitchen, where Pat and Tony wait anxiously to see Rich again. When Eamon suggests Rich would like to see some photos of his dad, Pat is only to pleased to fetch them.

On a tour of the farm, Pat tells Rich how John started up his own pig business, and shows him the barn where John kept his mobile disco equipment. As Rich goes over to meet Tom, Eamon suggests they all hold back. This is the closest Rich will get to seeing what his father was actually like.

Pat and Tony are pleased when Rich asks if he can take home a photo of his dad. Pat is overwhelmed when Rich hugs her. She and Tony insists he’ll be welcome anytime. The day has been absolutely wonderful.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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