Saturday 24 March 2012

The Archers: 23/3/2012


Things are moving fast at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile, Annabelle gives her advice.

Helen receives a surprise call from Kylie. Something good has come out of Helen’s visit. Kylie and Eamon have talked to Sharon about everything. Sharon has agreed that Eamon can bring Rich down to Bridge Farm on Sunday. She’s spoken to Rich and explained the situation.

Annabelle isn’t keen on Debbie’s new proposal. Brian takes her through the figures and explains that with European producers set to move out of pork, and new welfare regulations coming in, this is exactly the right time to invest. Annabelle’s not convinced the plan would stop the protestors and feels the board will believe Brian has lost confidence in the whole scheme. This could result in Brian being edged out. If he believes in the dairy unit, he should fight for it and convince the board he’s right.

Pat and Tony and mystified when Tom and Helen sit them down. Helen explains about her visit to Sharon, who has now told Rich that the people he met at the Christmas market are his grandparents. Pat and Tony are blown away, especially when they learn Rich could be visiting on Sunday if they want it. Of course they do. They can’t thank Helen enough.


Episode written by Carole Simpson Solazzo

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