Thursday 29 March 2012

The Archers: 28/3/2012


Alice is desperate for all the gossip. A surprise email arrives for Pat and Tony.

Tom drops supplies off at Jaxx. He’s had another really busy day.

While Amy waits for Alice, Kenton chats about the retro night at Jaxx on Easter Monday.

Alice is shattered from a tough exam but wants to hear all about Carl. She asks Amy to rate him on her ‘Fit-o-meter’ cocktail stick. He’s almost off the scale. Amy admits she’s just started staying over at his canal-side apartment. Amy likes the fact that family is important to Carl. He mostly goes back to his parents’ home at weekends. She thinks he’s great.

Tony shows Pat an email they’ve received from Rich. He clearly enjoyed his visit and it seems the pigs made quite an impression. Pat’s delighted he’s sent a photo. Tony suggests they get a few copies printed. Now they’ve made contact, and may see Rich occasionally, it might be time to say something to the wider family. Pat agrees but wants to see what Tom and Helen think first.

Tom, like Helen, has no objection, so Pat decides she’ll ring round and invite the family over. It won’t be the first shock they’ve given them this year, but she wonders what Peggy, Jennifer and Lilian will make of this one.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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