Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Archers: 20/3/2012


Brian is in urgent need of advice. Meanwhile Christine is feeling suspicious.

Jennifer tells Christine about Jamie’s hopes of getting a cricket coach for the youngsters. Adam can’t commit to it, but he’s promised to contact a former Ambridge player for advice. Christine’s concerned when Jim approaches her and asks her to be present while he makes an important phone call later. After his recent effusive compliments, she’s worried he’s got romance on his mind. It’s a huge relief when she realises he just wants her to witness him making another compliment, to silence any doubters of his ability to keep his Lenten challenge.

Ruth tells Jill that Lisa, the consultant, has delivered good news. The figures show that their plans should put them back on an even keel within three years.

Brian receives a worrying email from Annabelle. Some of the board members are getting twitchy about the bad publicity for the dairy. With the demonstrators at the market again today, Brian needs to speak to Debbie, urgently. Debbie finds the situation quite absurd. She refuses to let the board throw in the towel and promises to do some sharp thinking to save the project.


Episode written by Carole Simpson Solazzo

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