Friday 23 March 2012

The Archers: 22/3/2012


Debbie plays a wild card and Tony has a question for Lilian.

As Usha and Alan look forward to a nice meal with Amy, she asks if he noticed how Amy’s friend Carl cropped up a few times in conversation.

Tony’s looked through the farm finances and agrees they should ask for a further six months grace on the mortgage repayments. Tom’s figures for the polytunnel look healthy but Tony wants to run it past Lilian before Tom asks for a bank loan. She might want them to repay her loan first. Lilian thinks Tom’s idea makes perfect business sense, and insists she’s in no hurry for her money back.

David admits he’s heard that some farmers are talking of moving to another market because of the demonstrations but he doesn’t think it’ll come to anything. Lilian’s heard the rumours too, and is worried about her investment. She tells Brian to get it under control.

Debbie thinks she’s come up with a solution - a large-scale pig unit instead of the dairy. She insists the perception with pigs is different. Brian agrees she might be on to something but needs more information, to prepare properly for next week’s board meeting. He needs all the “get out of jail” cards he can lay his hands on.


Episode written by Carole Simpson Solazzo

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