Friday 30 March 2012

Review: Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks – Harmony Of Passing Light (Mouth Magic Music)
I can never understand why the ability to craft catchy grown-up pop songs is so underrated. Are we so musically sophisticated that we no longer have the capacity to enjoy the simple things done well? For example, take Brad Brooks. He’s been producing great pop music since the ‘80s, releasing a string of excellent albums, yet fame and fortune have so far proved elusive, and it’s a mystery as to why.

“Harmony Of Passing Light” retains his high standards, and begins with an absolute doozy. “Calling Everyone” combines Chilton-esque country-soul, urban sass, the sort of hooks that McCartney probably owns the rights to, and a walking melody that only extensive psycho-therapy will ever remove from the subconscious. It’s reason enough, all on its own, to warrant further investigation, but it’s just one of the many delights “Harmony Of Passing Light” has to offer. “Spinner & The Spun” hits like the best thing that INXS never recorded, whilst it simultaneously betters everything they did actually record. Of course it’s not all wham bam thank you mam; “Will It Be Enough” slows things down, but with plenty of tension to keep you on the edge of your seat, and “Farewell To Folderol” unfurls itself over six minutes, applying and relaxing pressure before peaking with two minutes of harmonic ecstasy.
Rob F.

Brad Brooks: Harmony Of Passing Light

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