Tuesday 27 March 2012

The Archers: 26/3/2012


Brian refuses to leave anything to chance. Lynda searches for aesthetic appeal.

Robert and Lynda are glad to be getting the garden furniture out. They chat about Alan doing the first green burial, and are pleased they’ve reserved their plots. Robert tells Lynda that James’ friend Christian has offered to fly his helicopter over Ambridge so that James can photograph the village from a bird’s eye view for the book. They discuss the merits of potential shots.

Brian calls at Bridge Farm to ask after Tony, and to see if he can get them anything from the farmers’ co-op. They appreciate his offer.

Understandinghow Tom and Helen must have had mixed feelings about inviting Rich, Pat tells Tom how much comfort it bought her and Tony. It was wonderful of them to make it happen.

Brian decides not to go with Debbie’s alternative idea for a large scale pig unit. He’s going to push for the original dairy plan, so needs to do some serious lobbying between now and Thursday’s meeting. If the project goes down, he’s not sure his position as chairman remains tenable.


Episode written by Adrian Flynn

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