Friday 18 January 2013

Review: The Purrs – Rotting On The Vine / You, The Medicine And Me

The Purrs – Rotting On The Vine / You, The Medicine And Me (Fin Records)
The Purrs are a Seattle quartet with a feel for both classic guitar pop and fuzzy acid tones. It’s a style that never truly goes out of fashion, mainly because when it’s done well, it sounds utterly timeless. The Purrs do it very well, indeed.

Their latest record, a 7” single pressed on clear vinyl (also available to download via the usual sites) confirms their status as melodic bastions of garage psychedelia. The title track, “Rotting On The Vine” tips its hat to The Lemon Pipers’ “Green Tambourine” before cranking the guitars and heading off to pastures new. It’s catchy and bright, and if there are any DJs reading, it’d sound splendid blasting out of a transistor radio. Kindly sort it out.

Second track “You, The Medicine And Me” seems content to inhabit the shadows; it’s darker and moodier than its flipside, though shared vocals by Jason Milne and Liz Herrin bring it to life. Intense and almost ethereal, it remains approachable throughout its five and a half minute duration, thanks to an inherent pop sensibility and some well placed “Ooh Oohs”.
Phil S.

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