Thursday 3 January 2013

Review: Jessie Veeder – Nothing’s Forever

Jessie Veeder – Nothing’s Forever (Independent)
It would be easy to describe Jessie Veeder as a singer-songwriter and leave it at that, but the North Dakota native has several careers and occupations ongoing, including rancher, blogger (see her Veeder Ranch blog – link below), radio commentator and journalist. Her new album, “Nothing’s Forever”, is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of songs that gets to the heart of prairie living, and instills a plethora of images that transport the listener to vistas new. It’s sung in Veeder’s rich, powerful voice and comes with an emotional grasp that grabs hold and doesn’t let go.

She released her debut collection when she was just 16 (she’s now 29) and comes from a family of ranchers and musicians, so not only does she know intimately what she’s writing and singing about, she’s inherited the genes and talent to do it well. Here Veeder begins with the album’s title track, a heartfelt paean to the transitory nature of existence, and it’s poignant and affecting. “Boomtown” pays tribute to the men who work the oilfields of her home state and “Home” and “Green Grass” both refer directly to her surroundings – the latter is particularly toothsome, with some wonderful playing by local North Dakota multi-instrumentalist Mike Endrud.
Simon M.

Jessie Veeder: Nothing

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