Thursday 31 January 2013

Review: Jupiter Vinyl – Lazy Ash Tree

Jupiter Vinyl – Lazy Ash Tree (Liquid Evergreen Productions)
Pittsburgh two-piece Jupiter Vinyl (Corinne Bohjanen on vocals and bass, Ed Horey on acoustic guitar and vocals) keep things relatively simple on their debut LP. Musically they keep to the guitar / bass template, with both performers taking both lead and backing vocals, though Bohjanen takes the majority of leads – which is fitting, as she writes the words. Their sound, a blend of upbeat folk and sunshine infused indie pop is never less than utterly charming, and is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the most cynical of music fans.

On stage they play a variety of cover material, from Johnny Cash to Radiohead, but for their debut they present only one non-original song, Maya Debski’s “Dreams from Clouds”. It’s not a name I’m familiar with, and have no original version to compare with, but in the hands of Bohjanen and Horey it becomes something quite beautiful and serene. Before that they open proceedings with “Magic Soap”, propelled by Horey’s fierce strum, it’s an irresistible cry for freedom, artistic or otherwise, and wrapped up in just over two exhilarating minutes. Just as good and twice as delightful is “Wabash”, a summer paean to driving south with the windows down. I can’t hear it without kicking off my shoes and cracking a cold one.

Before I sign off, I should mention the presentation, and available formats. Artist David Wadsworth has painted a picture in oils to accompany each song, and they can be seen with the CD edition, which comes in a 100% recycled eco-wallet case, with a 12-page booklet. Additionally, there’s a vinyl edition, which also includes artwork by Wadsworth. Needless to say, downloads are available, too.
Simon M.

Jupiter Vinyl: Lazy Ash Tree

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