Sunday 30 September 2012

Review: Lizzy & The Orca – Animal Material

Lizzy & The Orca – Animal Material (Independent)
Lizzy & The Orca is a Montreal based folk-pop duo. Lizzy is Lysanne Picard (vocals, ukulele, guitar, cello) and the Orca is Sébastien Ménard (electric guitar, glockenspiel). For their second EP they’re joined by the Orca-stra (their joke, not mine), which complements their instrumental line-up with percussion, bass and trumpet. Their songs are idiosyncratic and charming, but substantial, and the additional instruments round out their sound without drawing attention away from their songwriting or their individual eccentricities.

Like all the best EPs, there’s no room for filler. All five tracks are quietly captivating in their own way, though they’re not the sort of songs to grab you by the collar and shake you into submission. Instead they amble and ramble, taking their time to settle their barbs in our aural cavities, then not letting go. Try and hear it all in one go, if you can, but pay special attention to “The Things I've Done”, a lovely mix of old fashioned country, ‘60s folk and Picard’s delicate storytelling, and “The Tree Song”, a sweet little ditty, which slowly builds to something extraordinarily fine.
Rob F.

Lizzy & the Orca: Animal Material

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