Thursday 6 September 2012

Review: Florian Wittenburg – Artefacts: Solo Electronics

Florian Wittenburg – Artefacts: Solo Electronics (Nurnichtnur)
To quote Florian Wittenburg, he produces sound works that are “improvisational variations on a theme”. The themes that he refers to are the starting samples that he uses for his works. 

“Artefacts” is a collection of works spanning the years 2005-11 and are the results of almost laboratory conditioned experiments and research. For example with “Nuageux II” (and “IV”) he developed a “crisscross filter” – a virtual electronic instrument - with which he improvises by cross-filtering samples of sounds generated on Stephen Froleyks’ newly invented instrument, the Messertisch (table knife). The results could be unpredictable but Wittenburg adopts a positive and theoretical stance to justify these results as musically successful and interesting: likening them to “viewing a sculpture from different angles”. “Choas Baart Harmonie” takes samples of sounds from the Dutch sculptor, Willem Fermont’s instrument-sculptures and Wittenburg re-evolves them into an aural metamorphosis of the four elements.

As you may be able to tell, these are largely musical experiments undertaken on the fringes of science and art, but are genuinely interesting. There’s a lab-coated geek in many of us!

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