Saturday 8 September 2012

Review: Hope For Agoldensummer – Life Inside The Body

Hope For Agoldensummer – Life Inside The Body (Mazarine Records)
“Life Inside The Body” is the third full-length studio album from Athens, Georgia’s Hope For Agoldensummer. They were formed in 2002 by sisters Claire and Page Campbell with Deb Davis, and have connections, or have played with, a host of weird and wired acts (Dream Boat, Dark Meat, Olivia Tremor Control). For this outing the sisters, minus Deb, have teamed up with producer / engineer / musician Suny Lyons of pacificUV (whose recent “Weekends”, also on Mazarine, was, incidentally, ace).

Adding to their insular and soulful harmonies (reminiscent of other Georgia darlings, The Indigo Girls), folk-felt acoustic guitar and banjo are various strings, found sounds and willful electronics, which are distilled into a resonance that is both timeless and inventive. Aside conjuring Appalachian images of dust blown roads and front porch swings are some heartfelt cold turkey acapella numbers (“Come Back” and “Corn Maze”), the woozy and wonky slides of “Day Glo Grey” and “Tucson”, and the all too brief marimba-jazz of “Louis Eckonomides”.

Hope for Agoldensummer: Life Inside the Body

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