Friday 21 September 2012

Review: The Fylls – Living Rooms Little Album

The Fylls – Living Rooms Little Album (Radian Records)
The Fylls debut EP was recorded in the living rooms of various friends and fans – thus the slightly awkward title. Recorded live and with the minimum of fuss, it’s a pleasant enough collection with a lo-fi vibe, which is always amiable and quite charming. The indie-folk duo of songwriter Jordan Roads on vocals and guitar and Erica Robinson on bass and vocals have raised $4000 via a Kickstarter campaign, and plan to use the cash to record and release a debut studio album. “Living Rooms Little Album” serves almost as a thank you to their audience who has supported them thus far, and helps keep the excitement bubbling for the eventual release of their long-player.

The EP begins with “Rabbit Hunting”. Both Roads and Robinson croon, and they’re backed with a heavily strummed guitar. It’s an effective launch, though there’s better to follow. “Wooden Floors” introduces a percussive element, though nothing that that distracts from the harmonies and Roads’ ear for a killer tune, and “Thread” showcases their musicianship and Robinson’s delicate vocal appeal. As a taster for the new album, forthcoming studio single “Mitochondria” is included as a bonus track. It’s a driving indie pop song with a great hook, and will whet plenty of appetites.

Allegedly there’s a handmade CD copy of  “Living Rooms Little Album” available, though you may have to contact the duo directly. For the rest of us, the download works just fine.
Simon M.

The Fylls: Living Rooms Little Album

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