Friday 1 March 2013

Review: Liz & Christina Woolley – Sister Summer

Liz & Christina Woolley – Sister Summer (Independent)
Siblings Liz and Christina Woolley have been singing together since they were children, and “Sister Summer”, a collection of old-timey, classic country, folk and bluegrass duets, is their debut commercial release.

Liz Woolley is a veteran of several jazz, country and bluegrass groups, she writes songs, sings, plays mandolin and a mean jazz piano. She’s toured extensively and featured on a number of recordings. Little sister Christina is a relative newcomer, and perhaps that’s the reason they bring a fresh and innovative feel to their music.

Like all the best sibling groups, the music they make and the songs they sing together sound completely and utterly natural. Their voices blend beautifully and their rootsy, family friendly material makes a perfect match. “Sister Summer” begins with the charming “Come Again Another Day”. The arrangement is upbeat and quirky, and we’re introduced to some quite captivating harmony singing.

Combination” is equally enticing, and the composition and feel of the song might have originated over half a century ago. “The Drifteris a song written for the Zac Efron movie "The Lucky One", and it’s a slow and understated number, but goodness, their voices sound pristine. It’s probably the finest, purest vocal performance on the record, and that’s saying something.
Simon M.

Liz & Christina Woolley: Sister Summer

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